Public Works -

Smart City

Add your maps and connect your IoT to improve business processes

Custom maps

Integrate your geographic information GIS to create and display personalized maps

Connect your sensors

Connect your real-time IoT and sensors and use data for better decisions

Enable automatization

Integrate your business rules to enable automatization and improve the lives of citizens provides a easiest way to collect, display and manage your geographic information

Smart City


Simplify precision farming

Add your drone mapping and combine your sensors data to enable real-time analysis and optimize your investment

Transport and logistics -

Improved supply chain provides tools to easily integrate and manage your fleet

Display the GPS position, add your IoT and activate the real-time rule based engine to always be on track

The enterprise asset Intelligence enables your organization to pinpoint inefficiencies in real time, improving throughput and helping to move toward innovation


Utilities -

Connected to the world

Map and monitor your infrastructures provides solutions to improve collaboration, coordination and response time by displaying a consolidated picture of your assets status.

Display real-time view of alerts, weather, incidents, disasters and other informations